What we do: copy, translations, press releases, abstracts and summaries of technical documentation, memorandums, l10n, popular explanations of scientific and technical studies, case studies.

At Ezida, we provide text, copy and translation services for companies in the digital domain.

We aim to connect professionals through the medium of clear and concise texts, finding common ground between developers, entrepreneurs, legal specialists and managerial professionals. We keep an ear out for the subtleties of the target language, the idiom of the business and the desired tone of voice.

What sets us apart from the pack is a commitment to truly understand the customer: no generic phrasing, but genuine work grounded on a deep understanding of the underlying material. Above all, we are driven by curiosity to take part in your journey to bring innovative and exciting new technology to market.

Constanteyn Roelofs
Ezida founder, Constanteyn Roelofs


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